Recording :
The iDEA pre-amp records in MP3 format from three different inputs: live guitar, built in microphone and auxiliary input.  There are two recording modes:  Guitar + MIC and Guitar + AUX. To record Guitar only use the Guitar + AUX mode with nothing connected to the auxiliary input.
Everything you need is accessed from the menu.
Quick Record :
Without having to navigate any menus you can quickly capture a recording.  Press the once to enter REC Standby mode.  Press again to START recording.  When done press to STOP.

Record Display Overview :

Record Menu Navigation :
From the all record settings are accessed under the menu.  The process flow is as follows:
     1.  Enter RECORD mode
     2.  Choose input type GUITAR/MIC or GUITAR/AUX
     3.  Select RECORD to enter record ready state
     4.  Press REC button on pre-amp to start recording
     5.  Press REC button again to stop recording


Adjusting Record Volume Level :

During recording of the live guitar or mic the record level is automatically set.  However when using the AUX input during recording you have the option to manually set the level between 0 and 30 using the joystick. This is done according to the menu flow below.

Recording Modes :
There are three recording inputs to the iDEA pre-amp record section.
1. Guitar - records the live guitar including its current EQ setting (what you play is what you record)
2. Mic - a small dynamic microphone is built into the face of the iDEA pre-amp which is useful to capture rough vocal tracks
3. Aux - the 1/8 inch jack auxiliary input (see optional installation) can be used to feed a line level input into the iDEA pre-amp recording
When entering RECORD mode you have the choice of two different input configurations: 
is used to record live guitar and microphone input.  is used to record live guitar and auxiliary input.
During recording, or will be shown in the upper left corner of the display to indicate which recording mode is active.
To record ONLY guitar, simply choose with nothing connected to the auxiliary input.
From the menu, choose .  Using the + and - movements of the joystick you can slow (or increase) the tempo in increments of 10%.   The maximum tempo is 100%, in other words, exactly as recorded.  Once you have scrolled to the desired tempo adjustment either move the joystick to the right to accept, or press in to click.  The selected tempo adjustment is displayed on the screen during playback (see right) and applies to all selections played until it is reset to 100%.  To reset follow the same procedure and choose 100% as the tempo.

Recorded Files : 
The 128MB memory of the iDEA pre-amp can hold over 2 hours of recorded music in standard quality mode and about 1 hour 20 minutes in high quality mode.  See ADVANCED section for instructions how to check memory status or delete files.  The percent memory remaining is always displayed as the M value on the main display.  No recoding will be possible once the memory is full.

Recorded tracks are automatically named REC0001, REC0002, etc. and are stored under the RECORD subdirectory.  See FILE MGMT for more details.  Files can be renamed via USB from your PC/Mac.
See ADVANCED section for instructions on deleting files.