Playback :
Playback of recorded files (or files transferred from your PC/Mac) is very similar to playing an iPod or other such player.  Plus you can mix live guitar with it, set continuous repeat modes, select A to B loop points and slow tempo while maintaining pitch to figure out those tricky parts.  OK, not your average iPod.  Everything you need is accessed from the menu.
Quick Playback :
Without having to navigate any menus at all you can always play the most recently used file by simply pressing the button twice.
Playback Display Overview :
Playback File Selection :
From the all playback file selection is done under the menu. 
In very much the same way that you would navigate an iPod or other such player, use the joystick to choose and the appropriate subfolders until you can highlight the desired file. Choose the file by pressing the joystick to the right or press in to click.  Note - The folder structure will vary depending on personal setup preferences and file transfer.  See FILE MGMT for details.
From the menu, choosing will replay the most recently played file.
Playback Volume & Guitar Volume :

During playback the MP3 audio file and the live guitar output are mixed together and routed simultaneously to the headphone jack, 1/4 inch guitar output jack and XLR output jack.
The VOL slider controls the overall output (MP3 + live guitar).
The JOYSTICK is moved in the + and - direction to control the volume of the MP3 relative to the live guitar.  Scale is 0 to 40.

Tempo Adjustment :
One of the more unique features of the iDEA pre-amp is the ability to alter the TEMPO (speed of the song).  This is very helpful to slow down those difficult passage while you work out the details.  But it's not like the old days of slowing down the tape speed or LP platter speed where slowing the speed also lowers the pitch. In the digital world of the iDEA pre-amp you can slow the tempo by 10%, 20% 30% or 40% and not effect the pitch!  Note - The reduced sampling rate at slower speeds does have a negative impact on playback sound quality.
From the menu, choose .  Using the + and - movements of the joystick you can slow (or increase) the tempo in increments of 10%.   The maximum tempo is 100%, in other words, exactly as recorded.  Once you have scrolled to the desired tempo adjustment either move the joystick to the right to accept, or press in to click.  The selected tempo adjustment is displayed on the screen during playback (see right) and applies to all selections played until it is reset to 100%.  To reset follow the same procedure and choose 100% as the tempo.
Tempo set at 100%
Tempo set at 90%
Tempo display during playback
Repeat and Loop Playback : 
The iDEA pre-amp has the ability to repeat (loop) playback for continuous practice or performance.  The repeat functions are activated by the RPT button (see photo at right).
In standby mode the RPT button will cycle between NO repeat and FULL TRACK repeat.
During playback the RPT button activates the A-B LOOP mode.  Pressing RPT will set the A (beginning) of the loop section.  Pressing RPT a second time will set the B (end) of the loop section.  The file replay will loop continuously from the A point to the B point.
Playback - No Repeat
Playback - Track Repeat
Loop Mode - A point
Loop Mode - AB Active