Time To Practice :
The iDEA pre-amp will surely encourage and enable you to further develop your chops.  Need a backing track?  Just press PLAY.  Want to work out a looped section to perfection?  No problem.  Just stumbled on a cool little melody and some rough lyrics?  Record them to work on later.  It's easy.  To get you started your iDEA pre-amp comes loaded with some awesome Jam Tracks.  Drums, bass, rhythm ... your band at your fingertips.  There's even versions with or without the acoustic guitar track.
Jam Tracks :
The following Jam Tracks come pre-loaded on your iDEA pre-amp.  The "with Acoustic Guitar" version, as well as the Lead Sheets are available for download at the Ovation iDEA website.  See FILE MGMT for instructions to transfer additional Jam Tracks to your iDEA pre-amp.
Select your choice of practice track in the same manner you would any other file saved to your iDEA pre-amp.  From the File Selection menu choose the subfolder to display the list of available files.  Note - your file structure may be different if you have customized it via USB. 


Additional Jam Tracks :
The Ovation iDEA website features additional Jam Tracks that can be downloaded and transferred to your pre-amp via USB


Workshop Live :
No better way to learn than from a great teacher. Your iDEA pre-amp opens up the world of Workshop Live with online tutorials and instruction.   Click HERE for complete details.

          LESSONS included on your iDEA