iDEA Pre-Amp for Dummies is your dedicated resource for all things related to the Ovation's newest onboard pre-amp including detailed installation instructions, operating guide, advanced tips from fellow users and answers to FAQs.   Ovation pioneered onboard pickups and pre-amps for acoustic guitars starting way back in 1969 and has remained on the forefront of this technology ever since.  Along the way Ovation developed built in tuners, stereo electronics, onboard EQ, compression, phantom power compatibility and digital image modeling.  With the advent of digital recording and playback capability it was only a matter of time until someone embedded MP3 recording and playback right into the acoustic guitars onboard pre-amp.  Not surprisingly, that company is Ovation.
The  Ovation iDEA pre-amp merges two great technologies:  It is firstly a drop-in replacement pre-amp featuring onboard tuner, 3-band EQ and a digital tuner.  Secondly it is a super-compact MP3 recorder and player.   This easy to use recoding capability is a perfect solution for the musician wanting to capture ideas on the fly.  It even includes a built in mic to capture your vocal inspirations or voice reminders as well as an auxiliary input to even capture the ideas of your band mates.  The unit comes loaded with audio lessons and Jam Tracks.  Playback can be looped for practice or slowed to figure out those difficult passages. MP3 file maintenance is easily done via the USB connection to a PC or Mac computer.
How It Works :
The analog circuits in the pre-amp are activated by either inserting stereo headphones into the headphone jack or by connecting your guitar to an amp or PA with a 1/4" instrument cable. Once you've activated the pre-amp you've got access to classic Ovation amplified sound, the onboard digital recorder, a built-in mic and tuner, and audio lessons pre-installed that can help you become a better guitarist and songwriter. A small joystick built into the pre-amp handles the navigation through the feature set. When inspiration strikes, simply hit the record button to arm the recorder, hit it again to start recording. Your ideas are captured so you'll never again lose a moment of genius.
One of the most exciting features of the iDea pre-amp is its ability to transfer program material to and from a computer using a standard USB connection. While the iDea comes with a variety of introductory sample material, Ovation has seen to it that a large variety of additional program material is available and constantly updated on the web. The iDea stores program material in the widely used MP3 format. Virtually any MP3 program material can be stored in the pre-amp's memory.
System Requirements : 
Ovation or Adamas guitar with a drop-in style pre-amp (OP10, 20, 30, 40, 50, OP-Pro, OP-Pro Studio, VIP-5) *
Computer with USB connection (WinPC or MacOS)
Note - pre-amp can replacement required (supplied) for OP30 and OP40 equipped guitars.
Pre-amp can replacement required on all models to utilize the auxiliary input jack.  See INSTALL page for details.

The iDEA Guitar : 
Don't have an Ovation guitar that you want to install the iDEA pre-amp in? No problem. Ovation offers a complete package - the model CC54i. This is an import model guitar already setup with the iDEA pre-amp ready to play right out of the case. The guitar features unique soundhole designs, spruce top, mahogany neck and a cool looking platinum color finish. 
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