Q:  Where do I get service for my iDEA pre-amp or CC54i guitar?
A:  Contact your dealer or email
Q:  Where can I get copies of the iDEA Installation Guide or iDEA Quick Start Guide?

Q:  Are the guides only available in English?
A:  Here is the Japanese language QUICK START GUIDE
Q:  Is information about the iDEA pre-amp available online?
A:  Yes.  Click HERE
Q:  My iDEA pre-amp will not power on
A:  Check that you have either headphones, 1/4 inch cable or XLR cable plugged in. Check the battery.
Q:  How do I turn off the iDEA pre-amp?
A:  Press and hold the button.
Q:  How do I check the battery status?
A:  Battery status is displayed on the LCD screen
Q:  How long will the battery last?
A:  The battery is only on while the pre-amp is plugged in.  Battery life will depend on how much you use it.
Q:  How do I change the battery?
A:  Click HERE
Q:  What kind of headphones can be used with the iDEA pre-amp?

A:  Any dynamic headphones will work, including "ear buds" such as those supplied with the pre-amp
Q:  What kind of guitar cable is needed to connect to an amp or mixer?
A:  Any standard guitar cable with 1/4 inch male plugs
Q:  What is an XLR cable?
A:  A special 3-pin plus shell cable similar to a microphone cable
Q:  Can my iDEA pre-amp work on phantom power?

A:  Yes, if you have the correct type of XLR cable
Q:  If it's battery powered, why won't my iDEA pre-amp turn on without something plugged into it?

A:  Good question

Q:  My guitar already has an OP type pre-amp.  Do I have to use the supplied iDEA pre-amp "can"?
A:  No.  You can use the existing pre-amp can but you will not be able to use the Aux inputs of the iDEA pre-amp
Q:  How do I remove the existing pre-amp can and install the iDEA pre-amp can?

A:  See instructions HERE
Q:  Do I need to drill a hole in my bowl if I want to use the Aux input jack?
A:  Yes. See instructions HERE
Q:  How do I insert and remove the pre-amp from the can

A:  See instructions HERE
Q:  If I install the iDEA pre-amp can, can I also use non-iDEA pre-amps it?

A:  Yes, any OP style pre-amp can be used
Q:  My LCD screen is blank.  How do I use the tuner?
A:  Press to turn on the pre-amp and choose from the Main Menu.
Q:  When I choose will it mute the guitars normal output?

A:  No, the output stays active.  To mute the guitar lower the VOL slider to zero.
Q:  The tuner is having trouble to "lock on" to the strings pitch

A:  Try tuning to 12th fret harmonics.
Q:  Can you use the tuner to tune in alternate tunings?

A:  You can tune each sting to any pitch you desire.

Q:  How do I make a new recording?
A:  Access from the Main Menu. Instructions are HERE
Q:  Which button starts record?
A:  Press the REC button
Q:  Which button stops record?

A:  Press the REC button
Q:  If I have stopped a recording what happens if I press REC again?
A:  A new track recording is started
Q:  How can I "pause" a recording and then continue again at the same spot
A:  While recording press to pause and press again to resume recording
Q:  How many minutes of recordings can the iDEA pre-amp hold?
A:  Capacity is 128MB which is a little over 2 hours of recording in standard mode
Q:  Can I insert a bigger memory card into the iDEA pre-amp?

A:  No
Q:  My recordings are saved with the file name RECnnnn, how can I change this?
A:  You can rename your files from your PC/Mac via USB. See instructions HERE
Q:  My recordings are saved the the RECORD subfolder, I can I change this?
A:  You can manage files and folders from your PC/Mac via USB. See instructions HERE
Q:  How can I check the available memory on my iDEA pre-amp?
A:  Free memory is displayed on the LCD as M percent. You can also check it from the menu.
Q:  What happens if my memory becomes full?
A:  No further recording will be possible until you free up space.
Q:  How do I delete unwanted files?
A:  Use the function in the menu or delete them via USB from your PC/Mac
Q:  How do I select the file I want to play?
A:  In the menu choose the folder and file name of the track you desire.
Q:  How do I "select", there is no "enter" key?
A:  Move the joystick to the right, or press it in to "click"
Q:  How do I adjust the output volume of the guitar?
A:  Use the "Volume" slider on the pre-amp
Q:  Can I mix the volume of the playback vs. the guitar?
A:  Yes. In playback mode the MP3 file volume is adjusted using the joystick up and down
Q:  How do I slow the playback speed for practice?
A:  In the menu select and adjust the tempo percent
Q:  In playback mode how do I set he track to repeat itself?
A:  Press the RPT button until the loop oval symbol appears on the display
Q:  How do I set the A and B points of a specific looped section?
A:  During playback press the RPT button once to set the A point and a second time to set the B point
Q:  How do I access the Jam Tracks on my pre-amp?
A:  In the choose the Jam Tracks folder
Q:  Are there additional Jam Tracks on the internet?
A:  Yes.  Click HERE to view the website.
Q:  How do I transfer additional Jam Tracks to my pre-amp?

A:  Transfer by USB from your PC/Mac.  Click HERE for details.
Q:  Can I make my own Jam Tracks?
A:  Absolutely.  Just save your work on your PC/Mac as an MP3 file and transfer it to the iDEA pre-amp by USB.
Q:  How do I connect the iDEA pre-amp to my PC/Mac?
A:  Use the supplied USB cable.  Click HERE for details.
Q: Can I use a different cable than the one supplied?
A:  Any USB cable will work if it has a 5-pin Male Mini USB on one end and a standard USB A-Connector on the other
Q:  How do I use my PC/Mac to view the files available on my iDEA pre-amp?

A:  The pre-amp will show up as an extra drive in Explorer or Finder.  Navigate as you would any other drive.
Q:  How do I delete files from my pre-amp via USB using my PC/Mac?
A:  Delete as you would any other drive files.  Click HERE for more information.
Q:  How do I rename files on my pre-amp via USB using my PC/Mac?
A:  Rename as you would any other drive files, but keep the .mp3 extension.  Click HERE for more information.
Q:  Can I create new folders and subfolders on the iDEA pre-amp and copy/paste/move files?
A:  Yes, just as you would on any other drive.
Q:  How do I delete unwanted tracks from my pre-amp without connecting to a PC/Mac
A:  Use the function in the menu.
Q:  My LCD display goes blank after a few moments.

A:  This is to save battery power. Press any button to bring back the display.
Q:  Can I set the time out interval for the display?

A:  Use the function in the menu.
Q:  Can the file quality (size) be changed?
A:  Yes.  Click HERE for details.
Q:  How can I check the remaining memory on my iDEA pre-amp?
A:  Remaining memory percent is displayed on the LCD as the M value. You can also check it in the menu.
Q:  Is it possible to wipe the pre-amp clean and reset it to factory defaults?

A:  Yes. Use the function in the menu.